Punjabi dating customs

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High points of a Snake-Dog love match The best chance of a Snake-Dog pair to get along lies in their ability to support each other in a relationship.

Despite seeming cool and collected on the outside, the Snake is capable of feeling very intensely within which is why he/she has a tendency to be excessively possessive about partners and on occasions can also get extremely jealous.

He/she is more likely to look for basic pleasures and feel happiest in a stable domestic routine.

In fact Dogs are not materialistic at all thus a Snake partner who is expecting a solitaire or dinner at a fancy restaurant on an anniversary may be sorely disappointed since for the Dog, the best proof of commitment lies in protecting and steadfastly loving a partner.

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Thus a relationship of the Dog and Snake will be both grounded on essential values as well as open to pleasanter influences.The Snake is known to be a purveyor of sensual delights and is a keen connoisseur of the finer pleasures of life.The Dog on the other hand cares more about values, a trait that sometimes hardens into an arid and even self-destructive idealism.The Snake on the other hand is a realist and for all their aesthetic bent of mind, recognize how things actually are and more importantly the necessity of using the ways of the world to attain personal ends.In fact the Snake is not even using their powers of psychological insight to manipulate people in order to get what he/she wants.

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The Snake is quite the opposite – not matter how chaotic or trying a situation, he/she remains calm and self-possessed.